Coaching Packages

Break through coaching & training to spark your way to peace of mind recovery.
Mastering the keys to living a successful, free and fulfilled life. 

The sessions are offered in Dutch and in English. The physical location is in The Netherlands, where I am currently based. There is also an option for online sessions.

1. Specialised coaching programs

Heal. Grow. Flow.

Specialisations offered:

Burn-out prevention & stress management program.

Burn-out recovery program.

Utilising your HSP gifts program.

Mental Detox program: releasing heavy burdens from the past.

Custom made program: on demand. 

2. Resilience Booster

Check. Grow. Flow.


For mastering the building blocks to become resilient. 


Baseline assessment: resilience scan.


Individual or group training: on demand.


Individual or group coaching: on demand.

3. Energy Leadership 

Explore. Grow. Flow.

For leading your energy so that it works for you.


Baseline assessment: Energy leadership scan.


Individual or group training: on demand.


Individual or group coaching: on demand.

Client Testimonials

Jennifer is a highly driven professional with a clear passion for coaching. She evidently owns the know-how to make one feel comfortable, well interprets matters of life and makes fitting translations towards paths of relief.

I was open to get in touch with Jennifer as I had found myself to be stuck in patterns, running in circles, feeling empty and numbed, actually spiraling further downwards.

My family first noticed change when they caught me singing in the kitchen, they had not seen me like this for a good while.

I had found my turning point and have been spiraling up as we went further, relieved as I have been able to let go loads of mental burden, which is replaced by feelings of freedom and positivity.

I am thankful to Jennifer for her role in this process and I have no doubts that more people in similar positions will benefit similarly from her coaching’.

Business Owner- Financial Industry

‘ I want you to know that I really felt at ease during the coaching sessions. I felt safe and you gave me enough space to tell my story. I appreciated the fact that there was no timer to distract me, forcing me to rush into my story or to cut my story due to time constraints. This approach really worked for me and I want to thank you for that!’  

Manager- Legal Industry

‘ I didn’t understand originally why we need to go through the past and present before going to the “future”. But it turned out that some of my patterns from the past and present were preventing me to getting there. (The process of becoming aware was not very comfortable…) However, in the end this proved to be the exact motivator to change things! For example the “pleaser test” helped me see not only the impact my patterns have on myself but how they were build and how they could impact those around me. That was for me a strong motivator for change!’ 

Business manager- Financial Industry

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